Cooking is an art! We don’t need to be exceptional cooks to cook something scrumptious- all we need is passion and an eye for ingredients. I have tried and tasted these recipes in my own style and realized that exotic foods can be cooked at home if we experiment with the perfect ingredients. Here, I’ve provided you some of the simplest cooking procedures of some of the most exotic foods you eat in authentic restaurants, but you hesitate to try them out at home as you don’t have much idea about the ingredients that go in. The recipes include a wide range of cuisines, from palatable pastas to delicious desserts. I have made an effort to help you master certain types of food by offering distinct recipes in the form of videos. These videos will surely help you turn into a good cook. Below are a few popular and tasty recipe videos- with no compromise on health and hygiene; try these delectable dishes today to make your next meal tastier and healthier.